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5 Best Gadgets For Video Game Streamers

Best Gaming Gadgets

With the rise of platforms like YouTube, Mixer, Facebook, and Twitch, video game streaming has become a popular and rewarding career choice. To make a mark in the streaming world and attract a loyal audience, it is crucial to have the right gadgets and accessories that enhance the overall streaming experience. In this article, we will explore the top 5 gadgets that every video game streamer should consider investing in. These gadgets will not only elevate the quality of your streams but also provide you with the necessary tools for success.

5 Best Gadgets For Video Game Streamers

We have listed some of the must-have streaming accessories that you will need for quality game streaming.

1. Microphone

Crystal Clear Audio Quality: One of the most important aspects of a successful stream is high-quality audio. To ensure that your viewers can hear you clearly and enjoy your commentary, investing in a good microphone is essential. Say goodbye to built-in microphones or cheap headsets and consider upgrading to a professional-grade microphone like the Audi Technica AT2020USB+. With its sleek design, compact size, and exceptional build quality, this microphone will bring depth and richness to your voice, immersing your audience in the gameplay experience.

Engaging with your viewers and responding to their queries becomes effortless with the superior audio capture capabilities of this microphone. Upgrade to the Audi Technica AT2020USB+ and elevate your streaming audio to the next level.

2. Gaming Chair

Comfort for Extended Streaming Sessions: Streaming and gaming sessions often require long hours of sitting in the same position. Therefore, investing in a high-quality gaming chair is crucial to ensure your comfort and well-being. Ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to provide optimal support for your entire body, reducing the risk of discomfort or back pain.

The Respawn RSP-200 Racing style gaming chair is a top choice for streamers. Its ergonomic design, lumbar support, comfortable headrest, and 4D adjustability make it an excellent option for those seeking both comfort and style. By providing the necessary support to your spine, this gaming chair allows you to focus on delivering engaging content to your audience without any distractions.

Remember, your health and well-being should be a priority, even during intense gaming and streaming sessions. Invest in a gaming chair that offers the comfort and support you need for extended periods of sitting.

3. High-Resolution Monitor

Immersive Visuals for your Stream: A high-resolution monitor is a must-have gadget for any serious video game streamer. It allows you to fully appreciate and showcase the stunning graphics of your favorite games, captivating your viewers with immersive visuals.

When selecting a monitor for streaming, pay close attention to the screen resolution. The LG 27GN750-B is an exceptional choice, boasting a full HD 27″ 1920 x 1080 IPS display, a remarkable 1ms response time, and an impressive 240 Hz refresh rate. This monitor delivers sharp and vibrant visuals, ensuring that every detail of your gameplay is vividly captured and displayed.

By providing your viewers with a visually stunning stream, you can enhance their viewing experience and stand out from the competition. The LG 27GN750-B is a reliable and high-performance monitor that will elevate the quality of your streams.

4. Green Screen

Professional-Looking Streaming Background: To add a touch of professionalism to your streams and eliminate unnecessary background distractions, consider investing in a green screen. A green screen helps you remove the background from your webcam feed while streaming or recording videos, allowing you to create a clean and visually appealing environment for your audience.

The Elgato Green Screen is a top-of-the-line green screen solution. With its high-quality, wrinkle-free material, it ensures a seamless and professional-looking background for your streams. The screen is easily retractable, providing convenience and flexibility in your streaming setup.

By using a green screen, you can create a polished and immersive streaming environment, showcasing your gameplay without any visual distractions. Take your streaming setup to the next level with the Elgato Green Screen.

5. Stream Deck

Enhancing Workflow and Efficiency: To streamline your streaming workflow and maximize efficiency, a Stream Deck is an invaluable tool for any video game streamer. This device allows you to customize keys and assign them various functions, providing quick access to essential software, commands, and shortcuts.

With the Elgato Stream Deck, you can effortlessly control OBS, Twitch, Stream Labs, and other programs, enabling you to switch scenes, adjust audio levels, interact with your audience, and perform a wide range of actions with just a single press of a button. The Stream Deck’s versatility extends beyond streaming tasks, allowing you to control lighting, music playback, and even automate common tasks related to photo and video editing.

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By incorporating the Elgato Stream Deck into your streaming setup, you can streamline your workflow, reduce time-consuming tasks, and focus on delivering high-quality content to your viewers.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for Video Game Streamers

  1. What is the importance of a good microphone for video game streaming? A good microphone is essential for video game streaming as it ensures clear and high-quality audio for your viewers. It allows them to hear your commentary, reactions, and interactions with the game and audience. A professional-grade microphone enhances the overall streaming experience and helps you engage with your viewers effectively.
  2. Why is investing in a gaming chair important for streamers? Investing in a gaming chair is crucial for streamers who spend long hours sitting during streaming sessions. A high-quality gaming chair provides ergonomic support, promoting good posture and reducing the risk of discomfort or back pain. It ensures your comfort and well-being, allowing you to focus on delivering engaging content without distractions.
  3. How does a high-resolution monitor enhance the streaming experience? A high-resolution monitor is essential for showcasing the graphics of your games in their full glory. It allows you to appreciate and capture the details, colors, and visual effects of the game, providing an immersive experience for your viewers. A high-resolution monitor ensures that your stream displays crisp, sharp visuals, enhancing the overall quality of your content.
  4. What is the purpose of a green screen in video game streaming? A green screen is used in video game streaming to remove unnecessary backgrounds from your webcam feed. By using a green screen, you can create a clean and professional-looking streaming environment, eliminating distractions and focusing the viewer’s attention solely on the gameplay. It enhances the visual appeal of your stream and adds a touch of professionalism to your setup.
  5. How does a Stream Deck help streamline the streaming workflow? A Stream Deck is a versatile tool that allows you to customize keys and assign various functions. It enables you to control software, switch scenes, adjust audio levels, interact with your audience, and perform other actions with just a press of a button. By using a Stream Deck, you can streamline your streaming workflow, automate tasks, and increase efficiency, ultimately delivering a smooth and engaging streaming experience.
  6. Are these gadgets suitable for beginner streamers? Yes, these gadgets are suitable for beginner streamers as they offer essential features and enhance the overall streaming experience. While it’s important to invest in high-quality equipment, you can choose options that fit your budget and needs. Starting with a good microphone, comfortable gaming chair, and a decent monitor can significantly improve the quality of your streams, helping you establish a strong foundation for your streaming career.
  7. Where can I purchase these gadgets? These gadgets can be purchased from various online retailers, electronics stores, or gaming-focused retailers. Popular online platforms like Amazon, Best Buy, and dedicated gaming equipment websites often offer a wide range of options to choose from. Make sure to research product specifications, read reviews, and compare prices to make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Remember, selecting the right gadgets that suit your streaming style and requirements is crucial for creating a professional and enjoyable streaming experience for yourself and your viewers.


As a video game streamer, the quality of your streams can greatly influence your success in the industry. By investing in the right gadgets and accessories, such as a high-quality microphone, ergonomic gaming chair, high-resolution monitor, green screen, and Stream Deck, you can enhance the overall streaming experience for both yourself and your audience. These gadgets provide the necessary tools to deliver professional-quality streams, captivate viewers, and establish yourself as a top-tier video game streamer. So, gear up with the best gadgets and embark on a journey to streaming success.

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