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How to Hack Android Phone Remotely with DroidJack?

How to Hack Android Phone Remotely with DroidJack

Discover how to hack an Android phone remotely using DroidJack, a powerful tool to access confidential information without physical contact. Learn smartphone hacking techniques for educational and ethical purposes.

In today’s fast-paced world, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. They have seamlessly replaced computers and enabled us to conduct business on the go. From personal communication to handling sensitive business data, smartphones cater to a wide range of needs. However, this convenience comes with inherent risks, especially when it comes to the security of confidential information. In this article, we will delve into the world of remote smartphone hacking, demonstrating how an Android phone can be hacked effortlessly from a remote location using the powerful tool, DroidJack. With DroidJack, attackers gain access to a plethora of functions, including spying on chats, social networks, calls, videos, and audio recordings.

Have you ever contemplated hacking into someone’s phone to monitor their messages, calls, or other activities from a distance? Perhaps you are a concerned parent who wishes to keep a close eye on your child’s smartphone usage. If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article will guide you on how to remotely hack an Android phone using DroidJack.

Our intention behind sharing this tutorial is to educate security researchers, enthusiasts, and learners about the inner workings of smartphone hacking. By understanding the techniques employed by attackers, individuals can bolster their knowledge and fortify their defenses against potential threats. Moreover, for parents seeking to safeguard their children’s online activities, learning how to hack a smartphone remotely can provide valuable insights and foster a safe digital environment.

Important Note: It is imperative to highlight that this tutorial is intended solely for educational and ethical purposes. Any unauthorized or malicious use of the information presented herein is strictly prohibited.

As smartphones continue to play an integral role in our lives, it becomes crucial to understand the potential vulnerabilities they possess. Remote smartphone hacking has emerged as a significant concern, making it essential for individuals to equip themselves with knowledge about the tools and techniques used by attackers. By exploring the capabilities of DroidJack and learning how to hack an Android phone remotely, we empower individuals to enhance their digital security and protect their privacy.

How to Hack Android Phone using DroidJack?

Remember, the pursuit of cybersecurity should always be rooted in ethical practices. It is vital to respect the privacy and rights of others. By adopting a responsible approach to technology, we can create a safer digital landscape for all.

Note: This tutorial is solely intended for educational and ethical use.


Following are the requirements to get started hacking a smartphone.

  1. PC with JAVA installed.
  2. DroidJack (Remote Administration Tool)
  3. Dynamic IP(noip.com host)
  4. DUC(noip.com client)
  5. Android Smartphone Victim

Hacking a Smartphone Remotely – Step by Step Guide

In order to hack Android phone, follow the step by step instructions given in this tutorial below;

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    1. Download and install the JAVA version compatible with your Operating System from Oracle’s official website.
    2. Download the DroidJack android remote administration tool.
    3. Visit the noip.com website and sign up for an account. After completing the sign-up process, log in to your account.
    4. Click on the “Add Host” button in the noip.com dashboard and assign a name to your host. Save the host to make it live.
    5. Download the Noip’s Dynamic User Client (DUC) from the this link.
    6. Open Command Prompt and type “ipconfig” to find your gateway IP address. Make note of the gateway IP.
    7. Open a web browser and enter your gateway IP address in the address bar. Press enter to access the router’s settings page.
    8. Enter the router’s login details (username and password) to log in. The default credentials can usually be found on the router. For most routers, the default username and password are “admin.”
    9. In the router settings page, locate the “Port Forwarding” section. Add a new port by clicking on “Add a Port.” Enter port 1337 and save. Repeat the process for port 1334. Note that the location of the Port Forwarding settings may vary depending on your router model.
    10. Run the downloaded DroidJack tool and click on the “Generate APK” tab.
    11. Provide a desired name for the file in the “File Name” field. Enter a non-spaced name for the “App Name” field. Use the host name you created on noip.com for “Dynamic DNS.” Set the port to 1337 and click “Generate.” Optionally, you can bind the backdoor with another app or enable Stealth mode.
    12. Once the APK is generated, send it to the target device through any suitable medium.
    13. When the target installs and runs the APK on their Android phone, their device will appear in the target list on the DroidJack client window.
    14. Right-click on the target device in the DroidJack client window to access a variety of actions that can be performed on the victim’s smartphone.

    Please remember that this article is provided for informational purposes only. Engaging in any unauthorized or unethical activities is strictly discouraged. Always respect the privacy and rights of others, and use technology responsibly.

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