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Hackode APK Download for Android – The Hacker’s Toolbox

Hackode APK for Android

Looking for a powerful Android tool for pen-testing? Look no further than Hackode APK! This exceptional application is a favorite among hackers and security researchers alike, offering a wide range of features for conducting thorough security research.

With Hackode APK, you can perform all your penetration testing tasks on the go, right from your mobile phone. Whether you’re engaged in scanning, reconnaissance, SQL injections, DNS lookup, or exploring Google Dorks, this versatile tool has got you covered. You can even use Hackode to hack remote devices, just like Metasploit.

What sets Hackode apart is its user-friendly GUI interface, making it accessible even to non-tech-savvy individuals. If you encounter any issues while using the app, worry not! There are plenty of Hackode tutorials available to guide you. Just remember that if you want to use this app on your laptop, you’ll need to install an Android emulator beforehand.

Hackode Features

Unleash the full potential of Hackode with its exciting features:

  1. Google Hacking Dorks: Access a comprehensive list of popular Google dorks to easily find vulnerable websites with security loopholes.
  2. SQL Injection: Hackode enables you to exploit SQL vulnerabilities in websites and apps, allowing you to retrieve user login details. Find a susceptible webpage, and Hackode will help you perform a successful SQL injection attack.
  3. DNS Dig: Discover a website’s DNS server, bypassing the scanning process and empowering you to perform DNS hijacking effortlessly.
  4. PHP Config: Once you find vulnerable websites, you can remotely execute PHP files on them using this tool.
  5. WHOIS Lookup: Gather essential information about website domains, including registrars, servers, and email addresses.

Hackode APK Download

Ready to harness the power of Hackode? Download the Hackode APK now by clicking here. Take your pen-testing skills to new heights with this exceptional Android tool designed for security enthusiasts like you. Get started today and unlock a world of possibilities with Hackode for Android!

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