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How to Install Kali Nethunter on Android – Step by Step Guide

How to Install Kali Nethunter on Android - Step by Step Guide

If you’re interested in installing Kali Linux’s Nethunter version on your Android device, you’ve come to the right place. Many people encounter difficulties when attempting to install Kali Nethunter, but worry not! We’ve prepared a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to successfully install Kali Nethunter on Android.

Before we begin, please remember to back up your device’s data before proceeding with any installations. We cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to your device.

How to Install Kali Nethunter on Android

To install Kali Nethunter, you will need the following prerequisites:

  1. NetHunter APK
  2. Magisk
  3. BusyBox
  4. Rooted Device

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Follow these steps:

  1. Choose the desired version of NetHunter for installation. You can find various NetHunter versions available for download here.
  2. Download and install BusyBox from the Google Play Store.
  3. Once BusyBox is installed, run the app and grant it root permission if prompted. Ensure that BusyBox is installed in the “system/xbin” directory to avoid warning pop-ups.
  4. Open the downloaded NetHunter app on your phone and grant it root/SuperSU access if prompted. Please note that Kali Linux NetHunter requires a rooted device to function.
  5. With the NetHunter app open, check for updates regularly. Keeping the app up to date ensures you have access to the latest tools and bug fixes. The NetHunter app includes a store where you can find and install all the necessary hacking tools and apps free of charge.
  6. Now, let’s move on to the most crucial step: installing Kali Linux on your Android phone. There are two methods you can choose from:Method 1:
    • Visit this NetHunter build link and download your preferred version from the General category.
    • Extract the downloaded zipped file and copy the file with the “.tar.xz” extension to the root directory of your device.
    • Return to the NetHunter app and instead of clicking on “Download Latest Version,” select “Install from SD Card.” This will initiate the installation process automatically. Once the installation is complete, reboot your device.
    • To set up Kali NetHunter desktop mode, open the installed NetHunter app and choose VNC Manager. Fill in the required fields to log in.
    • Click on “Setup Local Server” and hit the “Start Server” button to launch the machine in desktop mode.

    Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Kali Linux NetHunter app on your Android device.

    Method 2:

    • Install Kali NetHunter by using the Kali NetHunter Chroot Manager. Click on “Chroot to Install” and select “Download Latest Version.”
    • You will be prompted to choose between minimal Chroot or Full Chroot. For low-spec devices, it is advisable to select minimal Chroot. If your device has good features, you can opt for Full Chroot.
    • Wait for the process to complete; the installation will start automatically after the download finishes. Ensure that the NetHunter app is installed; otherwise, you will need to reinstall the chroot from the beginning.
    • In the next step, you will be asked to select the preferred version of Kali Linux NetHunter. Choose the desired version and click on “Install & Update.” Please note that this installation requires approximately 64 GB of free space. Ensure you have enough space available before proceeding.
    • After clicking on “Install & Update,” the installation process will begin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the minimum specifications required to run NetHunter?

A: To run NetHunter, a minimum of a quad-core processor with 2 GB of RAM is required. For better performance, it is recommended to have 4 GB of RAM.

Q: Is it possible to perform all Kali Linux functions with NetHunter?

A: Yes, with NetHunter, you can easily perform all the functions available on the desktop version of Kali Linux. However, for Wi-Fi exploitations, you may need external adapters capable of capturing packets.

Q: Can I update my OS version?

A: Updating to a newer OS version might result in some issues. It is advisable to install the new version of Kali Linux NetHunter after performing an upgrade.

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