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25 Best Hacking Apps for Android in 2024

25 best android hacking apps in 2023

In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity has become a paramount concern, given the increasing number of cyber threats and attacks. As the Android platform continues to dominate the mobile ecosystem, it is essential for security professionals, ethical hackers, and enthusiasts to equip themselves with the right tools to assess and fortify the security of Android devices and networks. Enter the realm of hacking apps for Android, a collection of powerful applications designed to aid in security assessments, penetration testing, and network analysis.

Every day, thousands of applications and software emerge in the market. Recognizing the need and importance of privacy and security, researchers and developers continuously strive to create different applications that help verify the security level of various phones and other devices.

There are numerous Android applications and tools readily available in the market. In this article, we will discuss the best hacking apps for Android in 2023. Some of these apps are powerful, while others are designed for specific functions. Regardless, these hacking applications are ideal for use on Android devices.

It is important to note that while hacking apps offer tremendous capabilities, they must be utilized responsibly and within the bounds of the law. Unauthorized access to someone else’s device or network without consent is illegal and unethical. The key lies in adhering to ethical hacking practices, where security assessments are conducted only on devices and networks that the user owns or has explicit authorization to test.

The best hacking apps for Android offer an array of functionalities, ranging from network scanning, vulnerability assessment, and man-in-the-middle attacks to password cracking, packet manipulation, and real-time behavior analysis of Android applications. These apps can be powerful assets for security researchers seeking to explore the inner workings of Android apps and networks to discover potential weaknesses that malicious actors might exploit.

While some of these hacking apps may not be available on official app stores like Google Play due to their potential for misuse, they can be obtained through alternative sources or official websites of the developers. Users should exercise caution when downloading and using such apps and ensure they are from reputable sources to minimize security risks.

In this exploration of the best hacking apps for Android, we will delve into some of the most popular and impactful tools available to security professionals and ethical hackers. We will highlight their functionalities, ethical use cases, and the significance of employing these apps responsibly to enhance cybersecurity and protect digital ecosystems from potential threats. Remember, the true power of these best hacking apps for android lies in their ethical application, using them as instruments to secure and fortify the digital world rather than exploit its vulnerabilities.

Best Hacking Apps for Android

Discover the most powerful hacking apps for Android to conduct penetration testing conveniently using your smartphone.

1. Kali Linux for Android

Kali Linux for Android is a mobile version of the popular Kali Linux operating system, known for its powerful tools and utilities used primarily for penetration testing and ethical hacking. Kali Linux is based on Debian and is widely used by security researchers, hackers, and IT professionals to assess the security of networks, systems, and applications.

Kali Linux for Android allows users to run Kali Linux on their Android-powered smartphones and tablets. It provides a convenient way to perform security research and penetration testing on the go, without the need for a dedicated computer or virtual machine.

The mobile version of Kali Linux comes equipped with a range of powerful penetration testing tools, including network scanners, vulnerability assessment tools, password crackers, forensic tools, and more. Users can access these tools through a graphical user interface (GUI) or a command-line terminal, depending on their preferences and requirements.

To use Kali Linux on an Android device, users typically need to install a compatible app from the Google Play Store, which provides a full Kali Linux environment. Additionally, root access may be required for certain advanced features and functionalities.

It is essential to use Kali Linux for Android responsibly and with proper authorization, as using it for unauthorized activities can lead to legal consequences. Ethical hackers and security professionals can leverage this powerful tool to enhance their understanding of cybersecurity and protect against potential vulnerabilities.

Click here to download and check out it’s features.

2. Hackode

Hackode is an Android application designed for ethical hackers, cybersecurity professionals, and security researchers to perform various network security assessments and penetration testing tasks. The app provides a set of tools that aid in analyzing network vulnerabilities and gathering information about target systems. It is important to note that Hackode is intended for legal and ethical purposes only, and using it for unauthorized activities is illegal.

Click here to download and check out it’s features.

3. NMap

NMap also known as Network Mapper is another powerful network analysis tool. NMap was a UNIX based tool initially which after it’s huge exposure later developed for all the operating systems like Windows, Android etc. As we are covering the best tools for Android platform, NMap proved it’s worth to be in the best hacking tools list for android for it’s powerful features on the go. You don’t need to root the phone in order to use the NMap on your smartphone, but you might face limitations while using some features. In order to take full advantage of this app, you can root the phone.

Click here to download and check out it’s features.

4. Faceniff

FaceNiff is an Android application that was created for security researchers and ethical hackers to demonstrate and highlight the potential security risks associated with using unsecured Wi-Fi networks. It allows users to capture web sessions of other users connected to the same Wi-Fi network, particularly on unencrypted websites. However, it is essential to note that FaceNiff is not designed for malicious purposes, and using it to intercept or access private information without explicit consent is illegal and unethical.

Click here to download and check out it’s features.

5. Androrat

AndroRAT is for Windows operating system that allows attacker to control remotely any Android device from a PC. With this spy app, users can connect to a smartphone or tablet and receive information from it. Usually such tools are referred as remote administration tool  that gain access to the remote devices.

Click here to download and check out it’s features.

You can also follow a step by step tutorial on how to hack android smartphone remotely with Androrat.

6. SSHDroid

SSHDroid is a shell server for android devices to turn the phone in to a SSH shell server. It allows to connect to a remote device and execute various operations on the device remotely. SSHDroid is a useful tool for developers, system administrators, and users who need remote access to their Android device for maintenance or debugging purposes. However, it is crucial to use SSHDroid responsibly and with proper authorization. Granting remote access to an Android device could potentially expose sensitive data and settings, so users must ensure that they only enable SSH access for trusted parties and implement appropriate security measures. Additionally, SSHDroid should not be used to gain unauthorized access to other

Click here to download and check out it’s features.

7. DroidSheep

DroidSheep is an Android application designed to demonstrate the potential security risks associated with using unsecured Wi-Fi networks. It is not intended for malicious purposes and was created as a proof-of-concept to raise awareness about the security vulnerabilities of unencrypted network connections. DroidSheep is not available on official app stores like Google Play due to its potential for misuse.

Click here to download and check out it’s features.

8. DroidSheep Guard

DroidSheep Guard is a tool for anti operations of Droidsheep. This works against the droidsheep attacks and secure your device from being intercepted by droidsheep app. As with any security application, users should understand the limitations of DroidSheep Guard and not solely rely on it for network security. Implementing additional security measures, such as using secure and encrypted connections (HTTPS), avoiding unsecured public Wi-Fi networks, and keeping devices up-to-date with security patches, is essential for maintaining the security and privacy of personal information.

Click here to download and check out it’s features.

9. ZAnti

ZANTI, now known as “zANTI by dSploit,” is a mobile penetration testing and security assessment tool for Android devices. It is used by security professionals, ethical hackers, and network administrators to identify and address potential vulnerabilities in networks and devices. zANTI was developed by the company Zimperium. Security professionals and ethical hackers use zANTI as a tool to assess and improve the security of networks and devices, and it is an essential component of responsible and effective security testing practices.

Click here to download and check out it’s features.

10. DroidJack

DroidJack gives you the power to establish control over your beloveds’ Android devices with an easy to use GUI and all the features you need to monitor them. It have many advanced features that you can perform over the remote smartphone. DroidJack is one of the top list as it also have the functionality to read/write WhatsApp messages.

Click here to download and check out it’s features.

You can also follow a step by step tutorial on how to hack any android phone remotely using DroidJack.

11. APK Inspector

APK Inspector is an open-source Android application that allows users to decompile, analyze, and reverse engineer Android APK (Android Package) files. It is designed for security researchers, developers, and enthusiasts who want to inspect the inner workings of Android applications and gain insights into their code and resources.As with any reverse engineering tool, it is essential to respect the privacy and security of others and use APK Inspector responsibly and ethically. Ethical hackers and security researchers may find APK Inspector valuable for security assessments and uncovering potential security flaws in Android applications.

Click here to download APK Inspector Android Hacking tool.

12. WIFI Kill

WiFi Kill is an Android application that allows users to control and manage their Wi-Fi network by blocking the internet access of other devices connected to the same network. It was designed to be used as a network management tool, primarily for educational and troubleshooting purposes. However, due to its potential for misuse, WiFi Kill is not available on official app stores like Google Play. Users should refrain from using it on public Wi-Fi networks or networks they do not own, and should always prioritize the security and privacy of others. Instead, they can use WiFi Kill as a tool to learn about network management and security practices in controlled environments or for educational purposes.

Click here to download Kill Wifi APK.

13. AhMyth

AhMyth RAT gives user all the powers to establish connection to a remote device and to take full control over your beloved one’s android devices with an easy to use GUI and it’s all the advanced features you need to monitor them.

Click here to download and for complete features.

14. CSploit

cSploit is an open source Android application that allows to capture web sessions in the same way as the zAnti app does. It’s totally free of cost to use and do all the interception easily. It’s very powerful app for it’s advanced features.

Click here to download cSploit APK.

15. DSploit

DSploit is another advanced Android penetration testing and network analysis hackpack that offers security researchers and IT experts to perform all the network security assessments, analysis and forensics on the go through your mobile phones. You will be able to perform different number of tasks like network analysis, assessment, vulnerability scanning, MitM (Man in the Middle) attack, TCP protocols and packet sniffing and tons of others.

Click here to download dSploit for Android.

`6. SpyNote

SpyNote is a light weight RAT (Remote Administration Tool) for android devices that lets a user hack into a smartphone device remotely without physical access to it. It enables the user to connect and take over a remote device with it’s simple graphical UI that have all the features to spy on connected device. Build up a custom APK or bind the backdoor with any existing app like a game or social app.

Click here to download spynote and check out it’s features.

You can also follow a step by step tutorial on how to hack any android phone remotely with spynote.

17. DroidSQLi

DroidSQLi is the SQL injection tool for Android smartphones that helps to find out a SQL vulnerable target website on the go at your palm of hand. You even don’t need any sort of coding or programming skills to use it as it’s completely automated like the windows version of SQLi Dumper. Just look out for a SQL vulenrable URL and put it in DroidSQLi and let it take care of rest of the things.

Click here to download DroidSQLi Android SQLi Injection tool.

18. DroidBox

DroidBox is an Android application analysis tool designed for security researchers, app developers, and enthusiasts. It allows users to analyze Android applications by executing them in an isolated environment and monitoring their behavior. DroidBox provides valuable insights into an app’s behavior, interactions with the device’s resources, and potential security risks. As with any application analysis tool, it is essential to use DroidBox responsibly and in compliance with relevant laws and ethical guidelines. Unauthorized use of DroidBox or any similar tool to compromise the privacy or security of others is strictly prohibited. Ethical use of DroidBox involves analyzing apps within controlled environments and obtaining explicit consent from app owners or stakeholders when conducting security assessments or research.

Click here to download DroidBox APK.

19. SSLStrip

SSLStrip is a security tool designed to demonstrate the potential risks of using unsecured HTTP connections on websites that should be using secure HTTPS connections. It was created by security researcher Moxie Marlinspike to raise awareness about the importance of using encrypted connections for web traffic.

Click here to download SSLStrip for hacking secure websites.

20. OminRAT

OmniRAT is an ultimate powerful multi operating system supported remote administration tool which can take over a smartphone through any platform like Windows, Android or Mac OS. It offers a huge list of features that makes it super powerful. It can make calls through that smartphone remotely. It’s completely fully undetectable.

Click here to download and for complete features.

21. USBCleaver

USBCleaver is a hacking app for android devices that recovers information from various target machines silently, adding on with the password hashes, IP information, LSA secrets and much more. Best thing about USBCleaver is that it’s payload runs completely undetectable without changing the system files. It sniffs packets and all data and save it to SD memory that can be reviewed anytime later.

Click here to download USBCleaver APK.

22. SpyMAX

SpyMax is the upgraded spying app like the Spynote with much more powerful features. It’s having features to hack the device which allows attacker to access remote machine as an administrator. It is capable of taking complete control of victim’s machine for a number of remote operations.

You can download SpyMax v2 and check out complete features.

23. ARPSpoof

ARPSpoof is a tool that performs an ARP spoofing attack to a non secure target on local network. It sends out two ARP requests, one is for the gateway and the other one for the target to get it’s physical MAC address. It uses the address to make a phony ARP response to take over their network gateway.

Click here to download ARPSpoof application.

24. Dendroid

Dendroid is a one of the most popular android powered remote administration tool. It is the new tool among the cyber-criminals to take over remote android devices with ease. Dendroid can be used to build a backdoor and to take full control of any android devices by adding a malicious piece of code to legitimate apps. It connects to a command and control server over HTTP layer and allows attacker full access to perform a number of actions on the target device.

Click here to download and for complete features.

25. FING

Fing is an advanced IP scanner app that provides all the details of the devices connected to a device and includes more protocols. To get users data more clear and visibility over IP scans, developers have made many interface upgradations for easy to use and in a quite organized manner.

Click here to download Find Network scanner.

There’s hundreds of hacking apps in the market but we mentioned top 25 android hacking apps of 2021 to let the users find one perfect as per their needs. There may be new rivals to the list in the near future but for now these are the top of the line in the market of android hacking tools. You can explore the top remote administration tools for a computer remotely.

FAQs about Best Hacking Apps for Android

What are hacking apps for Android?

Hacking apps for Android are applications designed for security researchers, ethical hackers, and tech enthusiasts to perform various security assessments, penetration testing, and network analysis on Android devices and networks.

Are these hacking apps legal to use?

Yes, these hacking apps can be legal to use when used ethically and with proper authorization. Ethical use involves testing on devices and networks you own or have explicit permission to assess. Using these apps without permission or for malicious activities is illegal and unethical.

Can I find these hacking apps on official app stores like Google Play?

Many hacking apps, especially those with advanced capabilities, are not available on official app stores due to their potential for misuse. They may be distributed through alternative sources or official websites of the developers.

What should I use these hacking apps for?

Hacking apps should be used for legitimate security research, ethical hacking, and self-assessment of device or network security. They can help you identify vulnerabilities and take necessary precautions to protect your devices and networks.

Can I use these apps to hack someone’s device or network without their knowledge?

No, using hacking apps to gain unauthorized access to someone’s device or network without their consent is illegal and considered hacking or intrusion. Always ensure you have proper authorization before conducting security assessments.

Are these apps only for professionals?

While some hacking apps require technical expertise, there are user-friendly apps suitable for beginners interested in learning about network security. However, responsible and ethical usage is crucial regardless of skill level.

How can I protect my devices from potential hacking attempts using these apps?

To protect your devices, ensure they are updated with the latest security patches, avoid downloading apps from untrusted sources, use strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication when possible.

Can I use these apps to hack social media accounts or bypass security measures?

No, hacking into social media accounts or bypassing security measures without authorization is illegal and considered hacking. Hacking apps should never be used for malicious or illegal purposes.

Is it possible to get into legal trouble by using these apps improperly?

Yes, misusing hacking apps for illegal or unethical activities can lead to severe legal consequences, including criminal charges and penalties.

Where can I find more information about the ethical use of hacking apps?

You can refer to reputable sources on ethical hacking, cybersecurity, and network security. There are also online courses and certifications available for learning ethical hacking practices.

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